Coppermine Bakery Holdco, LLC is the parent company of Sky Blue Bakery, BakeFresh Bakery, and Diana’s Bakery

Bake Fresh is a wholesale manufacturing company that supplies 7-Eleven, Inc., as well as other convenience stores, with delicious, high-quality baked goods. Bake Fresh produces donuts, muffins, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods fresh, 365 days a year in its five locations in Virginia, Rhode Island, Colorado, and California.

In March of 2017 the company acquired Diana’s Bakery. Diana’s Bakery manufactures frozen, thaw and serve bakery products out of their production facility in Agawam, MA. Products are sold to many food service and retail customers across the country.

Diana’s Bakery purchased a sales and marketing company, Sky Blue Foods, to fill production time at the Agawam location. Sky Blue Bakery creates healthy foods and fills a need for nutritious products for school districts across the country – this was the goal of the original founder of Sky Blue Bakery. It started with a vision in the 1980’s of creating a solution for school snacks through the use of surplus commodity programs, and in the process the realization came that a need was being filled, which later led to developing Sky Blue Bakery.

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Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners, employees and friends by producing quality bakery products that meet our commitment to creativity, consistency and reliability. We are dedicated to creating long lasting relationships with our customers and within our community by ensuring our products are held to a standard of excellence.

From co-manufacturing to product development we are the right company for you. With facilities in five states, we have the capability and capacity to meet all your needs.